Five Reasons for Indie Writers to Turn their Books into Audiobooks


As an indie author, you might have one or more books published under your name, which means that you might want to consider releasing an audiobook. We know that the book-publication industry is constantly changing as innovative technology is making its way into the book industry.

That said, the inclusion of audiobooks in the book market has provided readers and writers an interesting platform to “consume” and “publish” books. The market of audiobooks is constantly expanding, which is an indicator that you might want to know how to make an audiobook so you can take the printed and electronic versions of your published work to another level.

Today, the audiobook market has become a billion-dollar industry, and this growth has been going upwards since then. And if you look at the audiobooks from the reader’s perspective, it essentially simplifies the process of reading books.

Also, audiobooks allow readers to multi-task, where they can still enjoy your book and do other things, such as driving or working out at the gym.

Let us have a look at the potential benefits of expanding your horizons as a writer and turning your work into an audiobook.

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Earn Loads of Profits

By now, you already know that audiobooks have become a profitable industry. According to a study, nearly 45% of Americans listen to audiobooks, which is why you will want to make an audiobook and make your ideal readers happy.

Nonetheless, you will earn more profits as making an audiobook is way cheaper than publishing a book. And the profit margins of audiobooks are on the higher side of the book-publishing spectrum.

Regarding earning more money, you will be unlocking another stage of profiteering from an innovative sales channel. Depending on your selected “audiobook platform,” the platform will work to enable you to earn more money every time a new “reader” signs up on the platform and gets a membership.


Expand Your Target Audience

With an audiobook, you can expand your target audience of ideal readers, who then will be your ideal listeners. There are countless people who love books but are blind, dyslexic, or too busy to take out their time and read books. So, your audiobook will come in handy as all the people who have been wanting to read the books but couldn’t do so because of a busy schedule or any other issue will be able to consume the book.

With audiobooks, you can reach the passive book consumers and the active book readers.


Freshen Up the Story

As a published author, you already know the different versions that can put a different perspective on the story. That said, by having your story narrated in the form of an audiobook, you can refresh your story. Suppose you are a fiction writer; you can make your story so much more interesting by narrating it.

You can use different people and voice actors to narrate the story, such as having the plot narrated by someone else and then using different people for different characters. By doing so, you will make the story feel more alive from your readers’ perspective. Also, the plot will feel more intense.

Even if you are writing non-fiction, such as self-help books, that people usually find too boring to read, despite knowing that they can immensely benefit from self-help books. This is where audiobooks come in. You can integrate passion into the non-fiction narration with an audiobook, and people will actually listen to the message.

The tone and pace matters a lot if you want your message to come through. You will want to convey the meaning with passion and help your readers get the best reader experience in this regard. Nonetheless, the success of your audiobook pretty much comes down to the narrator.

You will want to find a professional narrator who knows how to capture the essence of your book and convey the right emotions to give the reader a great book consumption experience.


Boost Your Reputation

As an author, you can leverage the audiobook to boost your reputation. Your target audience will recognize your potential as an author by seeing how adaptable you are and how you care about everyone and share your story with those who cannot access the book in the book form.

As a reputable author, you will want to ensure that your work is accessible to readers in more than one form. This way, your profile will improve and get a bigger following. By releasing an audiobook, you won’t only improve your reputation but also boost your credibility within the book-publication industry as well.


Never Run Out of Stock

Regarding the release of books in a book format, there will be limitations with book distribution. However, with an audiobook, you will essentially never run out of stock. The audiobooks are stored in a digital format, which is why they are virtually “always” available.

As an author, there is a great chance for you to be an avid book reader as well. And you certainly have faced the dilemma of looking for a book – only to find out that the physical copy of the needed book has run out of stock. And something like this can be quite frustrating for a book-lover.

So, you know the pains of avid book readers, and you can give your ideal readers much happiness by making an audiobook that will never go out of stock. By releasing an audiobook, your book will always be available to access and purchase with a single click of a button.

What is even better is that audiobooks don’t have inventory costs, which is pretty much the case for physical copies of books. As an indie author, you will buy copies of your own books and then resell them to cash profit.

On the other hand, an audiobook is only a front-loaded expense, which enables authors to sell hundreds and thousands of “books” without bearing any more expenses. Now, with an audiobook, you will never have to spend more money to make money.

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