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Leaving my job was one of the best decisions I made because my business is going smoothly now. Building my business was one of the most important things I wanted to do in my life and now that I’m successfully running my business it was my high time I should buy a place for me and my parents. Having my own space was the only thing I wanted when I shifted to Mumbai. It’s been years that I’m renting properties but it’s time to get myself a new home. After searching online I came across a beautiful property located in Sion Mumbai Siddha Sky

Siddha Sky is an opulent space built in the heart of Mumbai. The place has an elegant design and good surroundings which made the place more appealing. Siddha Sky offers an elegant space to its residents where I can live with my family members and utilize all the space. With its immense Beauty and serene atmosphere, I can easily shift here with my family members and enjoy my time being here. 

Getting this beautiful place in Sion was on my to do list for a very long period of time and right now I’m in a position to do so. 

Investing in a place like this will give me a beautiful home where I can take my parents and spend my rest of life with them. A good place is made up of two important elements: its design and amenities. The place here was a true example of it. Siddha Sky is located at GTB Nagar SIon Koliwada, Sion, Mumbai. The place is spread across 6.5 acres and has 1,500 units in total. The place offers multiple options as they have 1,2,3, and 4 BHK homes at the place. 

The place is price for a decent amount of ₹2.04 Crores to ₹4.22 Crores and the 

EMI starts from ₹1.52 Lakh. The place has a mesmerizing ambience and beautiful design which enhance the overall beauty of the place. Siddha Sky has a 

Mesmerizing Rooftop Skywalk which is one of the best elements of this place and there are 60+ Amenities available at the place and it is also Near To GTB Nagar Monorail station. As the place has the proximity to my company I can easily travel from here and being in Sion for a good period of time I’ve come to realize that this place will be the most convenient option for me and my family. 

Siddha Sky Amenities

Siddha Sky has multiple amenities with them as they’re offering everything to its residents. Starting off we have a Cctv camera at every entrance. There’s food security at the place to protect people from any danger. The place features a huge Clubhouse making it accessible for residents of the society and there’s also a sewage treatment plant for proper waste management. 

To avoid any uncertain situations, we have Fire safety at this place.  There’s a dedicated Party area in the place where people who like to party can have all the fun. With this party area I can easily arrange and attend parties. They also have a dedicated Children’s play area where kids can play and multiple games are available for them. 

Lift is accessible to all the rooms and the place has a Gym as well where I can workout easily. As I love fitness , I can utilize this thing for my workout. The place has a nice visitor parking where people can park their vehicles. 

There are multiple Indoor games one can enjoy at this place and they all can be played whenever we want. We have a cool 

Amphitheater is the place for big events and there’s also a Swimming pool for people who love to swim. 

This can be useful for relaxation and my time out. The place has a Power backup which can be utilized in an emergency situation.  The place has a Park where kids can enjoy and have fun. There’s also a Rainwater harvesting system to use the resources right. When I first came across this place I was pretty surprised about all the amenities and surroundings here. 

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